Brendon Burchard.. motivational speaker of our times

WS_fbProfile_text    Brendon Burchard is a motivational and inspirational speaker and presenter of our current times.

He shares his authentic self and talks from the heart. He has passion and drive and is also truly grateful with the connections he creates.

He words will “hit home” somewhere to some one at some point.

His latest book is called he Motivation Manifesto. Here he talks about 9 declarations which are :

  1. meet life with full presence and power
  2. reclaim your agenda.
  3. defeat your demons
  4. advance with abandon
  5. practice joy and gratitude
  6. do not break integrity
  7. amplify love
  8. inspire greatness
  9. slow time.

The first paragraph reads:

There comes a time in the lives of those destined for greatness when we must stand before the mirror of meaning and ask:”Why, having been endowed with the courageous heart of a lion, do we live as mice?”

We must look squarely into our own tired eyes and examine why we waste so much time sniffing at every distraction, why we cower at the thought of revealing our true selves to the world,  we scurry so quickly  from conflict and why we consent to play small.

Some of us will read and think  what he says may or may not connect or resonate with us right now  BUT there will always be a time when we can connect to this message because we have experienced it or know of someone going through this.

So if you like motivational information check out Brendon Burchard who is #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and even spoken about by Oprah Winfrey.



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