How will coaching work for me?

By now you are now already aware of the many benefits and great value that coaching can have for you or your organisation. You can opt to have a minimum of 3 sessions or as many as 6, 9 or 12 sessions depending on what exactly you want to achieve. Coaching sessions are usually grouped in packages, as this the most cost effective way for our clients.One session is not enough and not a quick fix, three sessions usually bring some sustainable change. Each session is 45 to 60 minutes. This time frame is constructively and objectively used for you.The sessions can be fortnightly or monthly or can be arranged to suit you around the context of your goal. Depending on your outcome, your coach will discuss this with you.

You may probably be given some task or work to prepare before you attend any one of the sessions’. Again, this will be dependent on your goal. Usually this will be discussed and set out by your coach. Your success in your coaching is what you actually put in and we encourage you to use this time wisely and effectively.Your coach is already committed to you so your commitment is essential to you, you may not know how to make changes, but you must be prepared to put in the time aside for your sessions, and plan any personal development work, scheduled towards your next session.

Your Personal Coaching Format can take place as the following:

  • Face to Face Coaching.
  • Telephone Coaching.
  • Skype Coaching


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