Can hoarding clothes be toxic for you?

hangers-569364_640      Hi everyone . Lets talk.  I want you to really consider and just for a few seconds speculate if you think, you are a hoarder from a smaller to bigger scale.

You may even be one of those rare people that never hoards at all!

OK you are probably wondering why am I talking about this topic. The answer is easy, because, it is usually a reflection of your mind and or your emotions. There you are. That got your attention.

Well lets look at this way When we hoard stuff we could ask ourselves the following:

  1. For what purpose am I keeping it? why ?
  2. How long do I intend to hang onto this item for?
  3. When was the last time I actually used this item?
  4. Dig deep and really answer it with honesty , does it remind you of the past? What is this past connection? young times, good times, best times etc
  5. How important is this item to you?
  6. What would happen if you did part company with that item?
  7. Would you miss it at all, really!
  8. If you have not worn it for ages then what use is it to you anymore?

De-cluttering is like a self cleansing method to clear your emotions and de clutter the mind.

Did you know that you usually  use only 20% of your wardrobe all the time and the other 80% is like storage.

We  probably choose at an unconscious level, clothes that we like to hide in or feel good in or feel just comfortable in or easy to go and have dinner, or to look and feel gorgeous and this list can go on…

At an unconscious level you will buy and store or wear clothes according to your frame of mind or your emotions. Think about it, have you got items sitting there with all the labels on it still or items you have never worn?

If you have a busy cluttered wardrobe then what message are you really sending to yourself. You have or not got time for you, focus or attention for you.

Try this, take a small section and give it a clear out and sort it and keep it tidy for 3 days and see how you feel about that small section that you have paid attention to as this represents you in a different or new way.

Now check and see how does this tiny section make you feel about you every time you see it.


One thought on “Can hoarding clothes be toxic for you?”

  1. Great blog.. I have just downsized from a two bed house to a to bed flat and nearly three weeks later am still sending things to the homeless charity most days. I spoke to my neighbour today who also wants to move and she spoke about taking five wardrobes of clothes with her.. Just hers and that’s enough to stop her from downsizing!

    Really good points., I like clearing low self esteem clothes too, those which don’t make me feel great. Lots of mileage there.

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