What is Coaching?

As a summary it is an on-going interactive conversational session to facilitate change toward a goal which is important to you.

It is really an amalgamation of multiple theories and practices from a broad array of disciplines, all of which share one common goal, unlocking your potential to maximise your performance.It’s about active listening, encouraging, being fully engaged in the present, no judgement, or evaluation. It is about your fulfilment and contribution towards your progress.It is about creating a confidential space, a safe environment where you consider your choices. There is always a choice. Your future is what you choose in the present, the now.

Sometimes you may not even know what you want but you sure will know what you don’t want. It puts a stop to you limiting your own limitations. Limited beliefs do nothing but hold you back. It opens up a person’s neurology, how and the way you see, believe, judge yourself or others. You may even be your own harshest judge!

Coaching is also imperative for any successful business, organisation, or institution.Ultimately every company’s success depends on the performance of their people. Your people are your growth and development, and if you own or manage your own business, then coaching is essential for your management teams.

Coaching is resourceful, productive, and highly effective and most importantly, it ensures that you provide the best service for your customers or clients.

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