Is your energy level running at optimum?

How is your energy level throughout your day?WS_coverPage_FB

I was having to do some work on a course that I  have been participating in  and came across a pod-cast that I found so helpful and interesting. Some readers may know or not know that I recently put a blog out  about how  I don’t like walking and have started walking by shifting an internal decision.

It has been so far successful and just like Sarah Arrow’s 30 day blogging challenge I have added the walk as a 30 day walking challenge in my mind set.  There is a proviso, just like the blog posts if I was unable to do a blog or walk then there is not negative over-thinking but moving on to do the next walk or blog. Keep it simple and no need to have a defeatist thought or mindset.

So as the  weather has been warm and sunny, we tend to  become conscious of how we eat and shift focus on our body . This got me thinking on my energy levels and how I can improve this.

When I am working,coaching, my clients I do actually work with clients energy levels too from the the context of mental, and emotional energy influencing the body. the physiology of your body is very in tune to your head and emotions. I found this link very useful and wanted to share with you.

Here are the seven pillars to operate on optimal energy level according to Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo.

please also see website as

plus another free gift audio and webinar from Adrenal, quick ways to help you to re-charge your energy.


  1.  Nutrition. Eat wholesome real food.  Wherever possible increase your food choice that has not been processed or packaged. Shunning the processed food is a good start.
  2. Living with gratitude, seeing things in gratitude even if things go wrong. Give it a go for 3 days see the difference.
  3. Mind and Attitude. Have the belief and Vision that you will get there. Get rid of feeling Defeated. Open up and take the obstacles out.
  4. Movement. Just get off your butt. Figure out what works with your busy  lifestyle and your  body as well. Sitting down far too long is one of the damaging factors for our skeletal system. Do your e mails standing up.  Try it for 20 minutes  each day.
  5. Managing your stress. We are surrounded by emotional stress, eletro-magnetic stress, food stress, Physiological stress etc.  go on a mini vacation. To combat this do a 30 seconds heart map, go on a mini mind holiday, this  shifts your hormones and enzymes and your physiology too.
  6. Sleep is super important. Most business owners don’t know how to turn their mind off.  There is quantity and quality of sleep. On quality improvement avoid eating 3 hours before going to sleep but you can have water.
  7. The environment. The clutter around you. The toxic and chemicals  in your environment  too. Its about a clean environment, even what you put on your skin.

Have FUN. Identify 20 things you can have fun, do this for 5 minutes. This makes you more productive. for example: do a puzzle for 5 mins, things that take you away from what you are doing. Make a list of what fun things you can do for 5 minutes and start these off or create an arty picture and do 5 minutes every day and use your imagination. It does not matter its your fun 5 mins. It could be active like an on the spot jog to your very favourite song playing really loud. How about your 5 minutes fun dance where no one can see you, or stand in front of your mirror and just pretend you are a famous singer and sing your heart out to your favourite song.

So what would you do for your daily 5 Minutes of fun? Of course you can make this to 10 minutes  or more, it is  your decision and your choice.  So go on, inject some 5 minutes of fun time and see what happens to your energy levels.

( I have carefully summarised the message of what and how I perceive Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo amazing information and have added ideas about the fun part).



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