Latest human movement in Psychology.

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                                                                                                     human movement in recent Psychology?

It is called The 3 Principles and it’s all about your own Innate Wisdom.

It’s new as a concept for corporates, organisations, staff, individuals and groups  who are connecting, bonding, understanding and experiencing innate inner connection to self with a clear purpose.This purpose in all about gaining clarity of mind and inner connection, the innate wisdom of self. 

The description of what the principles stands for has been around for a long time but now it is being taught, shared and brought into businesses and many sectors of our lives.

There are no tools or techniques or processes or scripts. The simplest explanation is so simple.

We all  are born with our own innate wisdom that is ours, when we connect to this wisdom, we gain our own insight. We have all connected to our wisdom but may not have always appreciated or been aware of it. The deep connection to self is a place where you gain such deep meaning that we create and make deep rooted internal changes.

The main teachings start with understanding how thought works. You see, we all experience so many thoughts and these thoughts are just that… just thoughts.

For example: Think of your thoughts like trains, when these train of thoughts come and go in your mind, you actually have a choice to get on that train of thought or visually in your mind’s eye watch it go away. So its like you becoming the observer of your thoughts. With practice and awareness this becomes easier and easier,  and this then shapes your reality of your life.

The 3 principles are : universal mind, universal consciousness and universal thought.

Here is the link to the founder of the 3 principles: Syd Banks :

There is a lot more information on you tube and please check out the following link  from a clinician and psychologist who now works with the 3 p’s.

I know this may sound all a deep level of thinking but the essence of the 3 P’s is simple:

We don’t need to be fixed by any one outside of ourselves from a psychological aspect as the answers lie inside of ourselves, and the 3 p’s point this out and re direct us inside of ourselves. The most effective work for inner change that is so profound is actually inside of you. When I work with clients where we have reached a point where the thinking drops deeper and the client starts to get insights, client is working on the level of 3 p’s. That is just magic to witness as a coach.


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