Your “Wondrous” Moments

Recently on facebook, I had a request from a anotherNever Crossings coach, he asked  if he could  add me to this new group that he had created and one of the words he used was wondrous but in a different context.

So this got me thinking what does wondrous really mean, is it all about  perspective or just a word that gets put in many different contexts as a descriptive adjective.

I decided to look up what the definition of wondrous is  according to the dictionary :

The adjective wondrous is a great word to use when you’re describing something amazing or delightful. You could talk about the wondrous view of the ocean from the cliffs where you’re standing. There’s a hint of magic and awe about the word wondrous. (

Now I want to bring a thought to your attention, that your attitude and mindset can be “wondrous” too.
So you may now be thinking:
 “What does this mind-set and attitude need to look like? ” and
 “Where can you find it? “
Well my answer to you is that it has always been there and never walked away and left you.
Maybe you have not  utilised it as often because life has got too busy, too crowded, too demanding, too tiring , too everything or even too nothing.
It does exist, it is what makes us all stop in our tracks, notice that moment,  might be fleeting or more and then we  absorb it through all our senses.
It is that part of you that feels amazing and delightful when you see something  so beautiful and artistic  or hear the   beautiful vibrational sound like  your favourite music and all this reminds you or even creates a new emotion of delight that just feels so wonderful. It feels magical!
This moment can be in our personal or work lives. We can all remember something special in our lives, those inspirational or motivational or proud moments. This list can easily go on.
 If you are parents, this is an experience you will ever forget when your children were born or said or did something that was magical to you.
 Baby Elephant
Baby Elephant
Also animals especially where we have a bond or even seeing something like a baby elephant  enjoying and bathing in water. It could be when you are out and about and notice something special in the way people are with each other, a touch , a look, a whisper, in all that fleeting moment.
There are thousands of these examples on youtube and shared millions all over on social media platforms.
All capturing the perspective of this emotional content of pure magic.
I want you all to start to notice these. The way our brains rewires this appreciation is creating a possibility of new neural pathways. This new neural pathway can be practiced repetitively until you start to do this more often.
That wondrous moment you are attaining to grow can only induce healthy mind and body.
 So is it possible for you to be more in this wondrous state? Do you think that you could create an attitude that you can appreciate of  what is around you rather than  focussing on the negativity? This negativity could you possibly  not direct it towards yourself or others? Do you feel this could you possible?
Well I believe you can with practice and it makes your daily chores more digestible and pleasant.
So here are my 7 useful tips that you could apply :
 wonrous beauty-of-nature
  1. Witness – Become more  aware of what you are perceiving around you. Be more of a witness or observer than falling straight in what you have always  been doing without thinking. Pause and breathe and then respond. Well,  let’s put it this way , you do have a choice but the key is to understand and allow that choice to actually come up. Your old thinking was not allowing you to notice that change or perception but now it is a possibility.
  2. Change the Angle of the perspective. Consider the possibility of changing the lens or the angle, so change your view, change the perspective. Put yourself in the situation as if you were playing the part of another person and notice what has changed in your own emotions and thought.
  3. The sounds or noises, where else could they be placed, make them animated or like a cartoon, if it helps to add humour only where appropriate. Make them dominant or make them insignificant.
  4.  Your Response How about choosing to change your response to one that is positive for you. You cannot change what anything as it is probably outside your control but you can definitely change your response because you can. You actually do have a choice. Most people think they that they have not got this choice but in fact we do have this choice.
  5.  Appreciation How about appreciating that wondrous moment, capture it in your minds-eye, connect to the emotions. Bring them to the forefront. Embrace the appreciation. Looking at the elephant picture will easily create that smile.
  6.  Focus. Just focus on all these and allow the new perspective to just develop. There is nothing to do as your brain does it naturally.
  7. Allow. When we just phase into that beauty of that moment allow it to linger, in your mind, in your emotions. feel absorbed by it. Enjoy it. It makes the difference.
wondrous Attitude-is-A-Little-Thing-Photo-dc06-600x751
By now you are probably thinking Nahhh just do not have time for that. Well here is the thing, this is just the attitude in your mind- set.
Attitude is what we create unknowingly and knowingly  and sometimes it gets in the way of our day. Yes you have all been there, that’s right got out the wrong side of bed. From here everything goes down hill ! The day just gets worse sometimes all because we have this attitude problem.
 I can almost hear you asking
“Well how do I change that?”
The answer is easy, apply the 7 simple steps and notice the change in the attitude mark.
Go on give it a try! Oh you rather stay where you are. That’s a decision that you have internalised and agreed on, got a whole thing to tell you all about our decisions and how they sometimes just get in our way.


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