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Stories we tell ourselves…

Day 7 ( 30 day Blogging Challenge )

Today I did some Coaching and Mentoring with another coach and one thing this coach was really concerned about was  how does he overcome what others think of him.

My answer was simple :it was none of his business to know what their thoughts were plus he was second guessing what he thought people would be thinking and this is called a mind read.

A mind read is where you have no evidence what another person is thinking but YOU really think and really believe that they thought a certain way about you.

This creates havoc in your own thought patterns which then effects your emotions and influences your behaviour. Sometimes these are like movies stuck in a loop.

Sometimes we all second guess and tell ourself stories …created from our mindset. Sometimes a coach will explain that some of your stories, there was too much second guessing going on and these need a closer look .

Sometimes we do this from a deep emotional tug. When we are in this state we feel even more vulnerable. So sometimes just check.. what stories you are telling yourself.


Significance of Bowen Therapy.

Day 6 ( 30 day Blog Challenge)

Today I want to share how very effective Bowen Therapy is and whenever I work with a client where appropriate I always recommend a Bowen session.

You may wonder why?

Well the answer is simple. When working with a client with mind, emotions or behaviour change, then, by the very nature of how we are all interconnected with mind, the body needs to be de stressed by a therapist who works with the body, in this case a Bowen Therapist.

When the mind has had a great uncovering and discovering session then the body needs to  be de stressed. This has a significant impact to improving  personal well being, and that is totally priceless.



Benefits of EFT or Emotional Freedom Therapy

Day 5 ( 30 day Blogging Challenge)

As Coaches we have access and knowledge to so many tools and techniques and I would like to share these during these blogs.

So when it comes to helping  your thoughts please check a previous post all about Mindfulness. Check out how this really helps to gain clarity of mind which in turn positively influences your body. Please see  the BBC you tube review and check out the free app called HEADSPACE.COM. This is truly the best 10 minutes you can give yourself to find out more and experience Mindfulness. You get ten free ten minute sessions with a great explanations of how Mindfulness works. It is a great introduction to Mindfulness.

Here on this blog I want to share EFT which really benefits your emotions like anxiety , stress, or any negative emotion or a negative thought. Here is a video upload of Gary Craig ( one of the original  Trainers  of EFT) demonstrating how to do a simple EFT tapping process.

Imagine using this technique any time you feel you are getting stressed or just before. Imagine students using this just before an exam. If there is something that causes anxiety or a negative emotion, EFT can certainly  assist. Children can have fun with this and can learn how to cope with their emotions. This Video shows a basic demonstration.

There is a lot more to EFT and EFT has moved much forward.


Try it and give it ago.


Have you heard about Mindfulness?

WS_fbProfile_text            This is a really simple way to get a clear mind.

This is easy to achieve, have you heard of Mindfulness? This is the latest proof that reducing the congestion of thought traffic in the mind helps gain clarity. You must see the end of this to see what David Sillito the correspondent says after giving it a go.

You can also try mindfulness by downloading a free app called where you get ten free (ten minute) sessions of mindfulness.

It will only take ten minutes of your time. Give it a go and notice the difference.

Tips on reducing Procrastination

Day 2 ( 30 day Blogging Challenge )

Today in day 2-  Identify why you are Procrastinating:

  • Is it lack of motivation
  • Is it lack of setting a clear goal
  • Is it lack of a clear focus on your goal
  • Is it lack if not enough information to make decisions
  • Is it lack knowledge
  • Is it lack of planning in your time effectively
  • Is it lack of fear of failure so you don’t want to get started

When you become aware then you can start to focus and take action to change.

Notice what are you doing instead?

  • Notice when you do avoidance
  • Notice when you do distraction
  • Notice when you talk yourself out of it, giving your self excuses.

Visualise  the task being achieved. Imagine ahead and  see, hear, feel how it would be when this task is done. Doing this daily will help to focus you and motivate you.

Consider the consequences of not getting it done. Fear of this may be your driver. Consider how great it would be to get it done and reward your self. This would be working toward that treat or reward. This would depend if you get motivated by fear or reward.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Get going and seize back your time and your day…


What are you the Master of ?


Day 1 (30 day Blogging Challenge)

 I heard on the radio the other day the presenter asking the listeners “What are you the Master of ?” and listeners were sending in their stories and having a lot of real fun with this question.

I then paused and considered how I would answer this now. Then a thought flashed in so fast, like lightening, reminding me that I used to be the biggest master of Procrastination!! Then another thought came in BOLDLY  stating “Ahh that is what I used to do but I don’t have the same relationship with Procrastination any more”. I remembered those times! Procrastination was like a dear old friend.

Recently  I was invited to attend a network meeting. It was with Rosemary Cunningham, a great networking meeting and I was listening to a great  presentation of “How to Blog” by Sarah Arrow, I was feeling her passion for joining her 30 day Blogging Challenge.

Suddenly  I thought instantly “I want to do this now! I  can’t wait!  why not!” ! It came so fast and I was excited and was really encouraging my colleague to sign up for this 30 day challenge. At this point her face just looked astonished, surprised, horrified with an OMG face, really?  I said “well we have driven, all the way here, so it makes sense to give it a go now, doesn’t it?. If we don’t do this now when will we do this?” so BOLDLY.

As I heard my words come pouring out talking to my colleague still wearing her shocked expression who agreed to join this challenge, I thought YES  I have finally made good with my old friend called Procrastination!

So let me ask you the same question “What are you the Master of?” How is your relationship to Procrastination? Are you joining this challenge too? Watch out for  Day 2 Blog as there will be more information on how to make good with our old friend Procrastination.


ladderSkyToday I just wanted to share with you that each time I am coaching with a client I always see and hear something from my client that tells me that they have had a learning or insight to change their way of thinking, this then causes, changes in how they feel.

When this happens the next time we connect my client has not only changed a particular thinking pattern they have also changed their perspective and are then seeing the problem that they carried for ages in a new way, a different way.

Whether this is a pattern of how they used to think or whether it is how they used to feel about it, one amazing detail that is always great to share in that moment is that the change has happened for them.

Just by taking time out for themselves and talking and initiating and making that commitment to themselves, they have created space to create a new deal with themselves. That deal is a new way of being or doing something or reacting or even managing a situation with a different mind-set.

This can belong in any setting, professional, business or personal.

When this happens they let go of that problem which then creates profound changes for them…………

That is a great place to be.

What’s to Understand?

The main aim is to understand that everything really starts with a thought, so, if we change the thought we will then change our emotional state which may affect our physiology and or behaviour.

It sounds easy to do and sometimes we all do this and move on….and that’s great.

But sometimes thoughts can  and seem to have a life of their own and just will not go away as much as we want then too…….OR they become so repetitive , or re occur at certain times or just sit at the back of our minds. This then creates emotional attachments and behaviour that we just don’t want to have at all.

This is where coaching creates understanding and positive change.

On the other hand we have all experienced something like the following, where at some stage in our life… and if you look back, someone, somewhere said or did or took action from which you took a profound learning or understood it clearly in a new way   …. It may have inspired you… may have got you to see, hear or do things in a better way or different way. The thing is it caused a positive ripple of change inside of you.

It absolutely meant something to you, not anyone else, but to you.

Now everyone has a story to tell that they can remember like above, from those profound moments they made new decisions and those decisions were the best decisions.

Ask any successful individual, their life story who and what inspired them, when and how did things change for them, they can and will share that with you and recall it easily and effortlessly. 

When they remember they will always remember it very well, possibly with an expression that takes them back to that time!