Finding your voice.

man-with-a-megaphone-2-1378634-s Blog 11 ( 30 day Blogging Challenge)

Hello everyone, I wanted to raise awareness about how there can be subtle differences with lack of confidence, becoming assertive and finding your voice.

Confidence issues can usually be found in a specific area or circumstances and we may find these sometimes challenging in these areas or circumstances.

Sometimes to  improve confidence we can shift the mindset from using a positive confident experience and applying it to this required area. This can be done at a conscious level, for example in conversational change or at the unconscious level like in a hypnotherapy session.

Becoming assertive may lend it self to being firm with our own convictions. Especially firm in expressing what we believe. Letting people know that we have something to say or want to be heard or wish to take some action.

Finding your voice has a slight difference.

Its only when we dig deep, acknowledge and accept ourselves and appreciate and feel important , by us and no one else, we actually start to find our inner voice and stop hiding behind our own mask ( metaphorically speaking ) that we present to the outside world. This is finding your connection to you.

When we do this we raise our confidence and assertiveness easily and effortlessly.

Effectively, this is working on you, from the inside out.










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