relationships…when they are painful

diamond-500872_640    Day 10 ( 30 day Blogging Challenge)

We have all been there and back. We have all wondered how on earth are we going to cope when our world seems to be in deep turmoil and there is so much emotional charge going off and not knowing what to do, how to talk, what to say, to that very person you had such a deep connection with in the first place. Now it has all changed. Life has changed.

This topic has come about from a coaching session and it became clear that both parties would go through some painful transition even though it was an amicable agreement setting.

That is the negative area of a break up.

The positive area is simple, it does exist, but it is not being seen. Understandable too in the circumstances.

Just like everyone shines like a deep diamond  and seeing their current life through one side or facet , there is another side or facet. This side is simple and clear but never appreciated for this. Well it is hard to notice it.

You see, firstly, we as individuals need to learn who we are, re- connect to ourselves, and start work on the inside to heal the emotions. When this process happens, internal change happens. When internal change happens we go through our own transformation.

The secret is to understand, re – connect, and decide to let go and move on. But everyone knows that there is a time frame attachment to this. For some it takes longer, for some not so long at all. In order to heal, internal transformation needs to take place and sometimes it is not a pretty process  to go through BUT somehow we do pull through.

So what was the purpose of this blog, it is this, once you understand and appreciate the process of your own transformation, a new light then starts to emerge and  shine through the facet that we once did not know was even there.

Yes, I will keep telling you, till you hear me, you are a diamond!




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