I hated going for a walk and now…

Day 9 ( 30 day Blogging Challenge )

Hello everyone, I missed a day and now back with the challenge. Now I want to share something that I have never understood why and how people do this and not get bored.

I am talking about walking, that’s right, going out for a good, energetic walk! Not a wimpy walk but a good strong stride walk. You see I hate walking, I am  NOT a walker. Really I know its a lazy mindset attitude and plus I find excuse after excuse not to do this.

I have friends that go for a good walk, but for me, I just don’t and can’t buy into it. I would rather go to a fitness class, get disappointed that I was useless at the class and then not go again.

Do you see a pattern here? I have a mindset and attitude problem and I have made a decision to not like it or do it and give in. I call it being a wimp, again that is my version.

Guess what, last Friday  I decided to get more organised and managed my time better. This freed up some space for me in the afternoon. On the same day I had a meeting and heard myself about how unfit I am and how I need to get in shape. I thought how many times will I run the same record !! How many excuses do I need to make, How unfit do I have to get before I  do something about it?

So I then decided to DIG DEEP and motivate me why I should do a healthy walk for me. Surprisingly I did DID DEEP and found reasons why I should walk !!

By the way the DIG DEEP came from watching the end of a american weight loss programme  where a guy lost half his weight and his advice was ” you gotta really DIG DEEP and keep going” simple advice but it was not what he said but how he said it and  I  remember his expression well. Almost like saying to me … you gotta go to that place girl, deep inside and find it and do it! I heard this in an american tone of voice inside my head.

It was about 3pm on that friday I decided in my mindset  that I would go for a walk and if a little old lady walks faster then me then its ok. If I need to stop , its ok, if it takes longer , its ok. if I get out of breath, its ok. I had to exaggerate all my Ok’s  just to get out the door!

Whilst out walking, my husband rang and could not believe that I was actually out for a walk, you see, he walks daily!

Later that evening, he mentioned this and said how pleased he was etc. I stopped him there in the conversation . I said I had something to tell him and he might not like it. I told him that I do not want him to join me on my walk, if I go again.

You see, before,  if I tried or attempted to go for a walk then he would join me keeping me company, plus he is a good walker and had to really slow down his walk for me, plus he talked a lot, meanwhile I was seriously  struggling to keep pace with his slowed down version of a walk!  You can guess, this made me, feel lets say, not good.

It is  now Day 3 and I have continued a daily one hour walk. Yes I am very surprised at this. I also know that  I am not in competition with any one and  aim to do my personal best each day. That is good enough for me.

So the question for everyone is, ” what do you need to DIG DEEP for, and when will you start”?

Here is a great link to a fantastic expert, who knows all about walking and getting into shape with walking. http://www.joannahall.com/

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