managing time is essential ….tips to create time for you.

Day 8 ( 30 day Blogging Challenge )

How we manage out time is probably a biggest factor that we probably overlook.This is so true in the context of running busy lives.

If you have a business to run or work in a busy environment or just a really busy parent then this can help.

  1. Plan your day – either mentally or write it down. what is so important and urgent today that you absolutely MUST  do by the end of the day. Example , pay a bill as the dead line is near, make that phone call, etc. By the very nature of its importance and urgency if you left this tomorrow you know there may be negative consequences or not doing this will you give you a problem.
  2. what is the next task you need to do but its more like a SHOULD. If you left this task or job today , it is not the end of the world but it comes under the important category but not urgent yet. This is what you could do tomorrow.
  3. Things that you would like to do if you had the time is under the WANT, this is what you wish  to do. These are not urgent or not important but would wish to do these.

These three categories help you to quickly prioritise your day in your office, work , business or family.


  • Plan and  list your three MUST, SHOULD, WANT columns.
  • Now give these a time slot, this could be one 20 mins to one hour or more. Everything in MUST column must be done today, then if possible start on the should list. When you do these daily you will find you will create time for your wish or want list.
  • Batch and action all your phone calls together, this is far more effective for you.
  • Batch and action your e mails in one time slot or if too many, split these.
  • Working  for 45 minutes and have a break is far more effective if doing intense mental task.
  • If you have a task that you don’t like doing then by that very nature do this first. Do not let this task keep bugging you all day at the back of your mind.
  • Plan in time out for you, coffee, book, walk, run etc …it’s important for your daily well being.

See below for an interesting link relevant to managing your time in your life and how you can reduce stress too.

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